Caragum Parsian tries to achieve more accessible marketplace for natural and unique products.

we act as a bridge between east and west; we enable our customers in east side to benefits the Knowledge of western side by localizing their products and services

Dairy industry

We will offer you best choice to speed up your dairy products development process.

Meat industry

Meat products development depends on high quality ingredients…we help you to choose

Confectionery industry

Our technical team at Caragum Parsian help you to choose best ingredient for your confectionary products

Beverage industry

We can offer you best choice to achieve your desire products in beverage industry.


Caragum Parsian is a premier Food & beverage development company.

Our technical experience and know-how together with our professional staff will empower you to speed up your food and beverage product development process.

Our technical experience is your success

Have better quality with Caragum Parsian

    NOREVO is an international supplier of natural raw materials and functional ingredients for the snack and sweets industry
    SOLACTIS SAS company is a biotechnology company specializing in human nutrition and animal feed materials mainly linked to digestive health, transit regulation and immunity
    ID FOOD company introduce new applications in many food industries: bakery, meat industry, functional foods, ready –cooked dishes and etc
  • pulcra/paradise and etc